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With focus on health, beauty and fun!

We have created a one day retreat for people to connect with themselves and others by doing afrobeatyoga and meditation whilst enjoying healthy food talking about self-care and sustainability.

Afrobeatyoga is a new way to workout, a cross between afrobeatdancing and yoga.

We want our guests to leave the event empowered with a light and warm feeling, being inspired to commit to more acts of self-care to feel and look their best.

With this Glamyoga day we have created a fun holistic lifestyle event that will spark the wish of treating yourself with more nice moments. 

Glamyoga at Downtown camper


The international yoga day of 2019 was definitely one to remember as we celebrated it amongst friends at Downtown camper by Scandic hosting yet another Glamyoga day.

As per usual our guests were treated to a day filled with afrobeatyoga, food, drinks and our light version of the Fa:Be talks.

Glamyoga launch


Fashion and beauty meets yoga and afro culture through music and food. An all-day workshop focusing on our well being in several aspects. During the day presentations from various brands and the chance to try their products will be given and West African food will be served as we try a new way to do yoga!

Signature reports launches various concepts during the year, of which Afrobeatyoga is one of them....