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Other events

Why not create a happening with us, collaboration is the key to success!

We love hosting events. We love it so much that sometimes we host others events or even do events outside of our target areas. Our other events are often open to the public and made together with an external partner or a creative individual as yourself.

All of these awesome events are gathered and presented here, for you to be able to enjoy attending them as much as we did creating them

Pyjamas party at Downtown camper


If you missed our pj-party at Downtown camper, don't worry! We will fill you in on what happened at the party.

On the 9th of June we had our first event of the year (It was our first event in ages actually) after re-branding LeNoir in hopes of making it modern and fresh. It was our wonderful colleague Polly who arranged this event for our guests and partners, and she truly nailed it!