Lovely 4c hair, the ultimate wash guide!

As a natural 4c hair person our hair tends to be dryer than others as our hairstraws has difficulties locking in moisture. a way to help your hair out is by washing it correctly so we made a guide on the two most popular washing techniques. It’s the first post in our three post miniseries about loving and caring for your 4c hair!

A common mistake is thinking we need to wash our hair more often whilst in fact what we need is to moisturize it more. Why? Washing your hair too often strips it of all its nutrients and oils.

With this said it’s not at all healthy to wash your hair too little as well, one must find a balance that works for ones said hair and scalp. Washing your hair too little can cause your products to buildup and of course makes it dirty which won’t help your growth.

Two types of good 4c hair washing

• Shampoo wash

The dreaded wash day when you do a full wash with shampoo, conditioner and maybe even a longer type of leave in conditioner.

• Co-wash

Means when you wash your hair with conditioner only.

For natural 4c hair, you should limit its exposure to shampoo to once or two times every month. In between your shampoo washes can keep your hair clean with conditioner washing, “co-wash”.

Then also make sure to deep condition your hair up to twice per month as 4c hair dries out quicker and retains less moisture than others.

Which products you decide to use is purely up to you and what you like. A product that works for us might not do the trick for you!

Having 4c hair can be a struggle and it’s real. However remember to love your hair and with the right care it can be just as healthy and beautiful as you! In the next article on the topic we share our favorite 4c hair stars along with a few to do:s.

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