• Dafne Yasmin


They made us re-value our life, to appreciate it more, and sometimes our daily routines need to be adjusted, and it is not easy.

  • We need to try to maintain or create a new routine that will help us cope with it at home.

  • Meditate or pray or do both but keep yourself, and your mind grounded because it is straightforward to get panic attacks or anxiety attacks trigger but the news or our life situation at the moment.

  • Try to wake up every day early in the morning so you can do some exercises at home and plan your day to the fullest.

  • Get glam even if you staying home dress up, it is a fantastic way to show how much you love yourself.

  • Do your best to eat as healthy as possible because being at home makes it so much easy just to eat 24/7, so let's just try to make sure that we eat what we need.

  • Take the opportunity to study something that can help you upgrade, invest your time in your passion, or in a new adventure that you would like to start already from home.

  • Ask for help if you feel depressed and overwhelmed. Don't be afraid to call your loved ones or a hospital; your state of mind is essential, and no one should deal with this lonely feeling of hopelessness.

  • Reach out to your loved ones and tell them how much you loved them because love is the best remedy for loneliness and to restore the soul.

  • Be grateful if you have a roof over your head, money to buy groceries, and loved ones healthy next to you, but last and most important, you are healthy as well. It's so easy to forget how important that is just because we feel trap in our own lives, but many don't have it, so let's not take this for granted.

I hope that when you read this, you realize how good life is, and regardless of the changes in your life now, you are healthy and will make it.

Remember also that you have the power to stay in bed and throw yourself a pity party too, but life is too short to live in misery, so make the best out of it at home regardless.



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